Harlie’s Story:
My first experience with RAW food was when we purchased our Bulldog…Harlie. She was the cutest little ‘mouth’, but we soon found out she had severe hip dysplasia. The doctor gave us 3 choices. A 10K surgery, get the weight off her, or keep her weight on her and eventually we would have to put her down due to pain. It wasn’t a hard choice to make as she quickly became part of our family the day we brought her home. We would start with her diet, and if that didn’t work…we would have the surgery.
I spent many hours researching dog food that was high in protein and low in fat. Each food that we gave to Harlie wasn’t working. The weight just wasn’t coming off and she always seemed just as hungry as when we first put the bowl in front of her. Now…keep in mind…we were feeding Harlie good food, or so I thought. It was an all natural kibble that was formulated for bulldogs with a sensitive stomach. In all aspects, it was a good food…but not working for Harlie.
It wasn’t until we talked to her trainer that he mentioned a RAW diet. I wasn’t familiar with it and I was VERY sceptical, so I came home and did the research I needed to make sure what I was about to do was the best decision for Harlie. The results were AMAZING. The transformation was so unbelievable, I wanted to eat it! Her weight dropped, the gas was gone, she stopped getting sick, her teeth were whiter, her bad breath was gone and her eyes had more of a spark to them. It was a transformation that looking back, I wish I would have taken daily pictures of her. We could literally see her waist forming before our very eyes.
If you have ever been around a Bulldog breed, there are rumors that they can and will eat themselves to death if given the chance. When she was eating kibble food, I had to make sure to keep the food up high so she didn’t do just that. As I said before, she always seemed to be hungry even after eating the recommended serving for her weight. After a couple of weeks on the RAW diet, she was licking her bowl (even though it was empty) but when she walked away she finally seemed satisfied. She still eats just as fast (like a runt in a litter of puppies) and I am not sure she tastes it, but she sure gets excited when it is feeding time.
After having Harlie on this diet, we took her to her Vet to have her annual shots and the Vet had tears in her eyes. She said ‘I wish every person who walked into my office with an overweight dog could be on this diet…You just added 3+ years onto her life!’ WOW…3 years…that is amazing. Harlie is now 5 years old and you wouldn’t know that she has severe hip dysplasia. She runs, plays, and jumps around like a puppy. Even though I am pretty sure she thanks us every time she eats, we are thankful for every moment we have her in our life.
After 4 years of giving her the food we came on hard times financially. I tried to switch her back over to a kibble and instantly she was scratching all the time, gained weight and looked sluggish. It was horrible and I was going to try everything to get her back on her RAW diet. I knew we could not afford feeding her the RAW at the retail prices we were paying, so I tried every way possible to become a distributor for the company who was making her food. Every door was closed on me, so I opened my own door and thought …‘I am going to make her food myself. I am going to design a single serve package that will be convienent and sanitary. I am going to offer this at a price that most everyone can afford when they are looking for a healthy alternative for their pet’.
As I started to design a formula for her food, I also decided to add a variety of all natural treats with all the publicity of bad treats out there. She along with the newest addition to our family ‘Oreo’ the cat…love every treat that I have made and if I’m not careful they try to convince me they need more!
Because of Harlie’s story…I would like to introduce to you…Proof PAWsitive…because the diet PAWSitively works and every pet that tries them are going to PAWSitively love the treats!!